Covering Lincolnshire and the surrounding area


Pattison Mechanical are a Lincolnshire based firm offering full service maintenance and installation of the following systems:


Pattison Mechanical cover all areas of natural gas and LPG installation, service and maintenance. From domestic break downs to large scale installations we provide a comprehensive service for all types of appliance.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have been around for quite some time but due to rising energy costs and concerns about climate change they are becoming a more popular choice for clients heating requirements. We offer design and installation of ground and air source heat pump systems and also split high temperature systems from the best manufacturers on the market. We also offer service and maintenance of all heat pump systems.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are an ideal solution for larger domestic properties and commercial properties needing an alternative form of heating. The boilers utilize wood in various forms to provide heating. We have specialised in biomass heating for many years We offer a full design and installation service alongside service and maintenance. We are pleased to have worked alongside Effecta biomass boilers for a number of years now. Our expertise with these boilers is unmatched in the UK.

Air conditioning

Pattison Mechanical offer a complete design and installation package as well as service and maintenece for existing air conditioning systems.

Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal is an excellent way for homes and businesses to heat hot water with a very small running cost. We offer a full design and installation package for solar thermal systems as well as providing reliable service and maintenance.

MVHR Systems

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery systems provide a constant supply of fresh filtered air without being noticed. MVHR systems take polluted air from bathrooms kitchens utility rooms etc . The extracted air is then passed through a central heat exchanger and the heat is recovered back into the air supply. Pattison Mechanical offer a full design and Installation package as well as service and maintenance on MVHR systems.

Heat Recovery Cylinders

Heat recovery cylinders work on a similar principle to MVHR Systems. Excess heat is taken from rooms which create a large amount of heat such as bathrooms and kitchens and is passed through a small heat pump mounted on the cylinder. This heat is then used to heat up the properties domestic hot water at a fraction of the cost. Full design and installation packages are offered by Pattison Mechanical along with Service and maintenance.


Pattison Mechanical have years of experience in the Plumbing and Heating sector. From minor repairs to complete installations our time served highly qualified Engineers are on hand to help.